Hi, I am Scott Brady Drummonds, an American abroad. My email is at the end of this page, only slightly obfuscated. I have been living in Asia since 2010. I travel, eat without fear, drink expensive scotch and cheap beer, and am energetically seeking a path towards wisdom.

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Time Location Comments
1974-1980 Briefly in Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX; Rocky Hill, CT. I was too young to build permanent memories of these places.
1980-1990 Roselle, IL Attended Medinah North Elementary School, Medinah Middle School, Lake Park High School. I golfed, caddied, and skated.
1990-1992 Brentwood, TN Attended Brentwood High School. Short and unmemorable stay.
1992-1997 Auburn, AL Earned Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Member of Delta Chi fraternity and sundry social networks. Practiced Judo and Jiu Jitsu.
1997-1998 Urbana, IL Started my Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering at the Center for Reliable and High Performance Computing. I was an unhappy and unproductive graduate student.
1999-2010 San Francisco Bay Area, CA Worked at Intel Corporation, where I finished my master's. Then VMware, Inc. California started my love with travel, provided me many great friends, imbued in me a desire to run, crystallized my interest in poker, and I departed on great terms.
2010-2012 Singapore Working for EMC Corporation. Started studying Mandarin, learned to live with heat, relaxed on Thai beaches.
2012-present Hong Kong Moved while working for EMC but left to lead personal and professional projects . A little closer to China. A little deeper into Asia.

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